Dancers                                  Matteo Battista, Giulio Crocetta, Carolina Cruciani, Eleonora Guerrieri, Sara Palumbo, Samuel Puggioni
Choreography                         Giulia Staccioli
Choreography Assistant         Irene Saltarelli

Production KUBO Srl Impresa Sociale SSD


Italian exclusive


The first Italian Physical Theatre company, directed by Giulia Staccioli, takes the audience on an immersive journey inside a refined Grand Hotel with elegant Italian taste.

Moving from the office to the airport, from the hall to the gala dinner, the Company plays with every nuance of the term Suite to tell of an escape from everyday life that leads to a suspended place, where music, colours and atmospheres come together to give life to an original and varied composition. As in a well-tuned orchestra, the assortment of singularities is transformed into a rich and complex concert in which paintings with different flavours follow one another.

Conceived for an international audience, the show pays homage to Italian culture and music: taking on the most famous opera arias, but also with the most irreverent pop music, ranging from Rossini to Celentano, winking at contemporary electronics as well as jazz retro, the company immerses itself in solos, duets, and choral moments, all united by the taste, athleticism and energy that distinguish Kataklò’s work.

With sensitivity, irony and originality, Suite confirms the calibre of an established company known for being an ambassador of Made in Italy in the world.


Tickets on sale online here and at the theatre ticket office from Friday 3rd May at 10:00.



I AREA: 27€ + 3€ prev.

II AREA: 20€ + 3€ prev.

View the seating plan here



In case of unfavorable weather, Arena performances will be held on the same evening inside Teatro Sociale, without sets. If the performance is interrupted after the beginning of the show, because of bad weather conditions, tickets are non-refundable.

Each seating area of the Arena has a corresponding seating sector in the Theatre. Check below how to find your sector in the Theatre:

  • I AREA corresponds to the stalls and boxes;
  • II AREA correspond to the galleries.


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