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The theatre, because of its lifeblood, its willingness to experiment, its propensity to innovate, its creativity and originality, manifested daily in countless activities, can create an added value for many enterprises. Supporting the Theatre means supporting culture and the territory, creating more income, educating, being close to society.

The Theatre is able to create and propose ever new and sustainable contents, in a storytelling to be studied and customised for each company or patron who decides to embrace its vision.

There are a number of programmes, for individuals and companies, that give access to becoming an Associate. A three-year planning, desirable to plan a medium- to long-term interventions and initiatives that can take root locally.

Becoming an Associate brings with it the foresight to plan a course of action, being part of a network of entrepreneurs and professionals that partakes in decision-making and elections, whereby elected Associates gain access to the Board of Directors.

The network of Associates is also dedicated to moments of conviviality and confrontation, reflection on current issues, moments of beauty and art, history and performance: meetings with the artists, dedicated visits to the theatre, both in person and remotely, access to the backstage or rehearsals.

For each Associate the Theatre creates ad hoc opportunities, for companies and professionals, joint communication operations and visibility, with a view to creating a system.

In 2015, the then President Barbara Minghetti changed the Statute precisely to open up to the city and the territory, and to offer the possibility of participating, at different levels, in strategic processes and in the planning.


Becoming an associate means all this and so much more!