The hypnotic sound
The hypnotic sound
The hypnotic sound
The hypnotic sound
The hypnotic sound
The hypnotic sound

The hypnotic sound

Parco Villa Grumello
03.07 – h. 5.15

American minimalism from Steve Reich to Philip Glass

Steve Reich (1936), Music for pieces of wood
Philip Glass (1937), Truman sleeps
Alan Parson (1948), Sirius
Philip Glass (1937), Love divided by
Chick Corea (1941 –2021), Children’s songs
Alice Gomez (1960), Rainbows
Elio Marchesini (1972), Topazio
Alice Gomez (1960), Heartbeat
David Friedman (1945) & Dave Samuels (1948 –2019), Carousel

with I Percussionisti della Scala
Gianni Massimo Arfacchia
Gerardo Capaldo
Elio Marchesini
Francesco Muraca

Thanks to Associazione Villa del Grumello


The percussion ensemble from Teatro alla Scala devotes himself mainly to 20th century repertoire. Minimalism was an American-born avant-garde music movement that developed from the first half of the 1960s until the second half of the 1970s and has the enormous merit of bringing the avant-garde out of academies and into the world of youth music and consequently doing the opposite, bringing young rock musicians into the avant-garde. American minimalism in New York has two protagonists, Steve Reich and Philip Glass. In contrast with the Californian side, an extremely technical, obsessive and mathematical minimalism was born in New York, so cold that it opened up to the concept of music as a process that, once set in motion by the composer, goes on its own.

In case of unfavourable weather, the performance will be cancelled.