From Classicism to Contemporary

From Classicism to Contemporary

San Carpoforo Institute Cloister
13.07 – h. 18.00

Music by F. J. Haydn, W. Rihm, W. A. Mozart

Trio Rigamonti
Mdi Ensemble
Orchestra Franz Terraneo
Gruppo Vocale Famiglia Sala
Emanuele Lotti

Coro Femminile Hildegard von Bingen

Concert presentation of EXPOMUS/AMRe-Play

Thanks to
Istituto San Carpoforo



EXPOMUS./ #AM. Como Re-Play is a project curated by Gisella Belgeri with the aim of fostering opportunities for young concert and composition artists currently active with great success in the Como area. The title of the initiative represents a gallery of artists (EXPOMUS) followed by the acronym #AMComo and the PLAY (Re-Play) arrow, indicative of the revisitation or reinterpretation. The project is presented in the form of a network, coordinating various initiatives, all recognisable by the logo. EXPOMUS./ #AM. Como/ Re-Play not only offers concerts, but also workshops, round tables, internships, exhibitions, labs, relations with other arts, school and educational projects.

Artists from Como in the name of music.

In case of unfavourable weather, the event will be held inside the Institute.